Thursday, September 24, 2009

choking on chilli is something you don wanna experience

anws, pictures of career day first~ there are more pictures from keziah's cam cam, but not uploaded yet
i dont know why my body is twisted weirdly
dancers! we'll see each other like this in the future..
same colour combi. HAHA
and this is v.long ago. usual ppl!=]] but celeste left early that day

love them
anws, yeah i choke on chilli today
it was torturous
it's like ticklish so you cough NON-STOP. even after drinking half a cup of ribena, i still coughed.
i think it lasted about 10 mins
and next, it hurts freaking alot. my throat was damn pain
and i felt like i was coughing out my lungs
thanks for the patting on the back nisa! haha
and omg, MY NEW DESKTOP IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!
it's super elegant. and the functions are so cool
the games they provide is cool too
and and, from hp mini to this
much bigger. duh
the screen is at least 4 times bigger. LOL
anyhow, we got back some results today
my eng improved!=] from c6 i think, to b3!
and my geog got b4, forgot my previous mark. i think i got C something
and both my e and a math got A1. my two only confident a1 sujects.
i added 11 more marks, they count wrongly. and i thought i could make it to the screen
i must, someday.
2moro, the worrying results would be coming out.
i will definitely improve from my mid years. haha. why? i got E8 for both sciences.
yep, and there's sexuality alk tomorrow, about STD and AIDS again. they give this talk since sec 2, why cant they change to something else???? they insulting our memories.
im in love with my new desktop=]
p.s: mo, yi shang and pei qi got selected to go to this europe trip. good for them but it's on prom night day=[ they wont be with us, there'll be 3 missing from our table that night then.

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