Friday, August 14, 2009

WOO!! FUTURE [HOT] FISHERMAN. my lil bro btw.
shit, i forgot to rotate the picture. this is pooja and her big eyes
this is me and my chubby cheeks
this is me after chem remedial 2 weeks ago. our chem teacher just totally forgot we had chem remedial this week.
AND THIS IS ME WITH MY NEW SPECS! TA-DA!!!! EXPENSIVE MUCH, but love it love it. i hate wearing my specs outside the classroom or even my house, but because of you baby [ specs ], i change my habits.
and i just cut my hair today.

NOT. im kidding. my hair's really layered luh. so just brought the shorter ones to the front. HAHA. i really wanna cut my hair short, but i really want to keep my long hair as well. it's damn hard to grow long hair can....

i want seaweed shaker fries now!!
i told my eld bro who is still out now to buy for me, he say no money
haha, i believe you. -_-
he went for the YOG running thingy
i just visited friendster again! like the 2nd or 3rd time this year
still the same, as dead.
going to study with the dancers 2moro
hopefully it'll be productive
oh after school today
we were damn high for no reason!
we watched M.J's videos and dance to it
hahaha. it was insanity
ahh, i've been seeing nicer dresses around

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