Saturday, August 1, 2009

sunny weather. red and whites

i think it was the NDP preview today
so many red and white ppl walking aboud raffles area
im quite annoyed
cuz i had to resize most of the pictures so that uploading it here will be at ease
but it came out to be like shit! [ the quality of the picture ]
joce bought a new cam and the quality is AWESOME
but after resizing, it's so disgusting. -_-
oh wells..
i think im falling sick again
i bought a new ring, and lost one earring. pro me
did so much walking today
pictures shall do the blah blah [however, not very in order]
(i sound drunk...)

going home. tired us
i forgot his name. oh oh courtesy?

look at the quality! ughh the following are all 'posy posy' pictures.
heh heh

ooh my fav. that small piece of fringe just fell at the right place. hahahaha.

the quality was so much better=/

and lunch time
we stayed there for dont know how long

we saw so many ppl we know today
ros!! from 98.7fm!!!! omg
should have taken a freaking picture with her!
but she look quite dao.
and we saw mr goh and ye lao shi, seperately of cuz
janice too.
it was just awesome
ok im awfully happily tired so good night!
[there are more to come....=/]
haha, just suddenly found his video again=]

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