Sunday, August 9, 2009

i cant wait for my new specs to arrive
it's only gonna be ready on wed night
so cant wait wait wait

it's so expensive
i feel so guilty towards my mum
yknow when i bought my dress
the rings section kinda attracted me
and it suited my dress as well
so my mum bought it for me in the end
10 bucks for a ring! actually 9.90.
but i felt so guilty!
my mum said she like the sales assistant's service though
yknow she's very smart
she always laugh at my mum's comment but not mine
cuz she knows the money comes from my mum
ahha, wth. smart woman. but she said im pretty so i shall let her off

ya and my specs cost 190!! so ex.
i think my first specs, which im wearing now, is 39..
and it totally uglifies me. =]]
hahahaha, what a diff.

i've been feeling so bored recently..
other than the ndp day celebration

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aFARTaDAY said...

go ask around at queensway sc for best deal. but maybe your power is too high..