Friday, August 7, 2009


ok the pictures of today is still in dian's cam
ALOT OF PHOTOS. goodness
we were damn high on songs
mo mo was totally drunk-like
alot of videos as well
oooh so exciting!!!

the best part was
my specs broke
i placed it in the small pocket
but when the emcee announced that our class won the walking signboard thing
we jumped and screamed like mad
and my specs flew out
and landed on the ground

with the jumping girls..
ya..... don have to explain further
oh wells, awesome excuse to get a new one
in the meantime, im wearing my p6 one
super fugly
it's like freaking small?!
ok after the celebrations, we went to vivo
actually we wanted to catch 'UP' 3D.
but the tickets were all selling fast till 9.30 and the queue was damn long
so we ate at vivo instead before going to pei qi's house to watch another movie
OMG OMG OMG, go read that book or watch that movie
that writer is pure genius
the story line is freaking cool!!!

brad pitt is hot
everything just fits nicely there. super well written story
and we went into pei qi's room and went crazy
but i must say, she's a very good host.=]]
only the pictures and videos can express our hyperness
so i cant describe exactly how crazy we were
but we kept acting different scenes which was extremely retarded
like dian climbing up my hair? [ Rapunzel. no idea how to spell ]
and we left afround 5.30
so yes
i have other photos though

the birthday girl.

OOH!! my fav picture.
this too. =] me and my girl friend. HAHAHA. bad angle though
me and the two genuine 'smilists' excited to retrieve ball
this is what we did for an hour perhaps? cuz the ball went in twice.
i must get this video! bitch fight!
at keppel island
sweeping the floor. REALLY!
during phys. hahhhaa

the world joke.AHHAHA
me and khoo
typical day=]]] always full of laughter
so shweet
ok, AHHH!!
i think my mum is bringing me for prom dress shopping 2moro!
and my stomach's aching, i think it's gastric
i shall go make my fav milo oat!

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