Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my lousy but interesting paragraph writing!! [ which also means it's not the entire compo, just 2-3 paras. ]
[ if it doesnt make sense to you at any portion, just skip and continue, dont try to figure it out, because i cant either. ] [ oh yes, this must be amelia's fav post, because she gets to correct my english to the max ]

1) A wealthy snob

"How is it possible that a person like her with no Chanel bag, no Valentino top nor Levi jeans and with no Anna Sui accessories can be shopping in here! This is ridiculous!" I complained to tammy as I scan the brandless girl from head to toe. I was so disgusted by her that i just randomly picked a limited edition J.LO rose-coloured shades and left. "Though i have not exceeded my $5000 budget, let's go back. I'm sick of seeing such low class people shopping at places they obviously cannot afford!" I called for my chauffeur to arrive and he did so shortly with the pink limousine, which brightened up my mood by a bit. If he had came with the dark blue or black one, i would have shouted at his stupidity.

We reached home in minutes and passed my shopping bags to Alice, my maid. We walked across the gigantic marbled-floor hallway and took the elevator up to my room. Tera, another maid, opened that pink doors to my room as i stepped onto my pink, soft, carpeted floor. Me and tammy jumped into my king-sized bed and started discussing about my upcoming birthday party. I kicked off my Guess heels and lied on my belly. " So, who are we planning to invite? Owen and Olivia are out, they aren't rich enough to attend this grand party of mine. Minnie? She is not poor, but she does not even own one Chanel bag! Kanny, Joe and Louis? No! I can't stand guys who do not wear Nike shoes or pants. I think they do not even have enough moeny to buy a shaver," we giggled at the comment. In the end, we have fifty guests on the list, all that fits my criteria. As i sat up to stretch my limbs, i stole a glimspe at Tammy's hair tie and was shocked.

"Tammy! What is that on your hair? It is so hideous, please get a better one or you can choose from that section over there, never used those before."

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