Sunday, August 23, 2009

my dad is a funny person

he's not just funny, he's extremely lame as well
but his kind of jokes are non-laughable, so nvm
he kept saying 'orh shit orh shit' last night
and my mum was like what are you saying
and he said mao tou ying
which is OWL in chi
wow, they sure sound similar
and when i ask him where he was going
he said to buy vinegar
i reminded him to get the white one
and he said: of course luh, still got what colour
me: BLACK?!?!?
hahahahaah. wth. blur king
two ppl have told me my face grew chubbier
ok maybe it has
but mr chng say food makes you absorb knowledge better

p.s: i cant wait to go clubbing.
me and mo being retarded one fine day
no we're not trying to scare guys away.

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