Thursday, August 20, 2009

GRAVITY [ quoted from ms chia: everything that goes up must come down ]

hello, i haven been blogging for quite a few days alr
anws, i got back my chi o level results yesterday
and i got an A1! woooo!!!
i screamed than cried
i know i don sound extremely happy cuz something else happened today
but i was really happy yesterday

today it was my eng oral
it was fcked up
im super disappointed with myself.
i couldnt understand what i was saying at all
it's just depressing
i felt that i could have done much better
yes yes,' don worry, cheer up, it's okay.' i just need to vent this depression out first
anws, the whole day today, i was just extremely moody.
after eng oral, it was even worse
i jsut felt like ignoring everyone and keep quiet
but after dancing with melia
it's like, dance have that magic powers.
i felt so much more relaxed and happy after dancing.

i should get over the eng oral
not now but by tomorrow
i have damn alot of homework to do!

during AYG.
at dance fantasia=]

i was trying to give that cheekopeh face, but it tunred out to be so sexy. AHHAHA, jk jk
so yes, my blogging habits would change from now on
blog less!
oh yes, and my cousin, that i've never talked to on the phone in my entire life that i've know him, called me today
im still quite surprised
so since he called me after my eng oral, i whined to him for like 1 min
he used to be like a big brother
but yknow, puberty comes and we got distant.
growing up sucks.

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