Monday, August 3, 2009

ate chips. =]]

yes i have a terrible sore throat
everyone i talked to should be able to realize..
i sound like a boy who haven had his voice break
but nisa and aishah thinks it's nicer than my normal voice!!!
you know when you have this lower voice
it's 99% that someone will tell you, 'it's okay, you sound sexier'
truth is, they are trying to comfort you so that you wont feel that bad. HAHAH
ya, i think i've shocked alot of ppl with my voice today

like i think my dad thinks it's my lil bro who talked to him on the phone just now.

anws, im peeling out white glue from my thigh
long story
NDP decoration board thing
omg, it's super cool
but needs alot of patience.
doesnt fit ppl like pei qi
keziah ended up doing it for her, HAHAHA
i think keziah's very patient and helpful
pei qi just annoy us with her singing and whining like a 3 year old. HAHAHA. her kind of entertainment.

and went back to return the costume to dance just now
saw the dance they would be dancing
i feel like helping them with the make-up
ya, juniors, hello. if you're listening
pls be more thick skin when you're dancing.
HOWEVER, those that alr thick skin, pls don increase the thickness, i know QUITE a few.
just be crazy on stage, enjoy the music and pretend it's AYG where there are cute guys in the audience and just smile like mad and make your actions bigger and COMPLETE. i just now saw some cutting actions. tsk tsk!
anws, looking forward to watching you you you you you dance!
hopefully a sec 3 reads this. thank you=]

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