Friday, August 28, 2009


every friday when i go home from my ah ma house
i'll get to see a cute guy

and we'll always be standing next to him=]] haahaah
ok so here we go.... THE CLASS TEE. no im not wearing crescent P.E attire.
still a little unbelievable....?
read it. 'G-ONE-OH-NINE'. WHAT AN AWESOM IDEA!! i love our shirt like mad!! like when we received it
we immediately wear it
while walking to the mrt
we purposely show off the ppl at the bus stop
then i saw zee and i bluff her it's the new p.e t-shirt
lol. but of cuz we told her the truth after that
we walked past some juniors and they were like pointing at our shirt and said 'omg, so nice'
my head swollen alr.
oh mrs tan is damn sweet! she gave me this adorable key chain
and this magic chain ring trick because of the mass dance thing. nvm. i'll upload the video of the magic trick soon. HOWEVER, you kinda have to tilt your head the other way to watch it. HAHA
mine and amanda's arm. colour diff.
ORAL practice long time ago.
cant wait for teachers day!!!
hopefully on that day, the class would be super high and sudden have the urge to act damn well and be super enthu during the ____
we can do it!
oh after sch today
me, kanice, pei qi, yi shang and dian went to tiong to eat
but dian was fasting, so she just read her geog notes
after dian left half-way
we just stayed at macs for like 3 hrs????
and we talk super alot of crap
i was like sharing with them when i realize my dancing abilities when i was K2. HAHAHA
then pei qi kept saying: ok luh ok luh, you queen, can?
i was super loved by teachers since young till P3 i think
but my classmates never really did liked me then.
i had like few close friends i think
like on children's day, i'll get an extra set of present. haha!
and i was the 'queen' for some performance in K1
and i wore a white cape. woohoo
i want to do that again, so fun.
i just love talking bout my past. it's so weird. like we were so young and we do so many weird things w/o thinking
i enjoyed the conversation alot today=]]
p.s: and pei qi keeps calling me an obasang (like market auntie). i suddenly agree with her. cuz when i took the big taxi home, in my mind i was thinking: since we're paying for it must make use of all the facilities. like the movable chair and the big space. =]

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