Saturday, July 11, 2009

STEALING. poet: Seet Shu Zhen

The most unusual thing i ever stole? A face.
It was flawless, pink and slim beneath space.
I wanted it, the perfectly arched brows and seductive eyes.
I slipped into the room and it was just nice.

I silent her. Using a small knife, i slice through her skin.
Her high bridge nose got in the way, but, it was gone in a blink.
Her mouth was open when it all started.
"What a masterpiece," i chuckled.

I trace the knife along the face,
admiring the blood tricking down the sides.
I put the knife in and took a little taste,
before placing it back into my tights.

And with one mighty pull,
it might actually do.
It was one of a kind,
but most importantly, it was finally mine.

woo! we were suppose to write a poem of our own with the title 'stealing'
and this is mine
not bad right.. maybe i can become a poet in the future. LOL
i use to write poems everyday when i was in pri sch
i shall go find them
however, those pri sch poem dont make sense at all.
i did get a fever
38.5, but after eating my brother's medicine, it dropped to 37.8
everyone's falling sick
may everyone recover by tonight.
take care

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