Wednesday, July 1, 2009

some people wait a lifetime for one special kiss

i have a problem
im too pretty
no luh
im attracting all the wrong attentions from the sec 1 from nan hua!

darren thought im sec 1! cuz im so short
wth darren, you're much shorter!!

during chi consultation. im gonna ace my oral!
keziah and me. omg i miss them so much
our famous cheekopeh face. HAHHAA
blowing lynette's nerves calming thingy sweet wrapper
keziah !
khoo and me. she'll be taking the papers with me. thankfully.
and omfg, we're suppose to like what, take our exams in the bomb shelter?!
you kidding me or what?!
and we have our exams in the air-conless hall. so noisy
spastic smile.
ugly make-up
i think i uploaded this alr. but this is the only pic everyone's here

the ppl i miss after 10 min of seperation
wlao, my fav pic. i never looked good from the side. at least this is acceptable
melia cried last night again
i slept during phys paper
i dreamt of ayg
omg, phys and a math paper wasnt that bad=]
2moro got geog.
so many things happened today
everything changed and im sad
i know i shouldnt be doing that but i cant help my heart
i should control it.
and sorry, i just cant trust myself to you.
im waiting for the right one to come.
only melia, pigolas and xiu understands
i know some of you suddenly realize you don know me
too long time. LOL
im quite sad now. __ doesnt treat me the way i treat__

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