Friday, July 31, 2009

OMG wordy post but i don care.
[anws, im still waiting for the pictures at sentosa...]

yesterday was really interesting..
i saw my cousin's boyfriend on the train yesterday while going home with pooja
haha! it was a weird thing
because my ah gong's birthday just recently passed and i talked to him.
so like he knows me now and obviously i know him
but i was afraid i recognized the wrong person so i kept avoiding eye contact.
but no one could look so familiar!
but as he was getting off
i looked at him and wave and he waved back. thank goodness, correct person=]

then while walking home
saw leon again
i think he quite shy lor
alr walking behind me still dont say hi
i initiated the 'hi'
ya and we started talking bout our past taekwondo experience.
it was quite funny.
he said he saw me taking the motorbike before, this year.
im really quite blind.

oh and it was my papa's birthday yesterday~!!!
we went to SSC for dinner
and i saw evelyn there, pri classmate
her legs are damn thin! my goodness
and she has the same hairstyle.
hahha. i said hi but she looked at me with that 'who are you' eyes.

dinner was great, except my sirloin was very hard to chew. lol

ok today
while going to sch
i saw this pretty girl
her tan is very nice!
she's just really pretty
i saw her before, second time seeing her.
after school, me and pooch went to walk around orchard ion
saw a nice dress for prom night but im afraid others will have the same dress as me
cuz it's like, a relatively popular shop.=/
it's really nice though.
AND i saw so many C.Gs there
woo! i think there were some korean guys as well

and while walking back today, i saw a c.g
like those really boyish look.
ok, what a retarded post

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