Wednesday, July 8, 2009


what the shit?
anws, wooo! i just checked my nuffnang thingy and the no. of ppl visiting my blog increased after AYG. =]]
hopefully i can earn more moolah and get my first 50 bucks soon

more pics from AYG!

our fav pose during ayg period.
DARREN! they call him edison chen look alike
with the gymnas
xiu xiu and me while eating choco. that's why i get fat
haha, while helping others put make-up. my well deserved 3 sec break. i look freakish beside the make-up-less xiu
see another of the famous pose
funniest thing ever. wah i was shaking so much controlling my laughter while doing this for kai wei
AND TA-DAH! this is mine, geraldine and xiu's MASTER PIECE!!!
so long never do alr... lost touch. ignore that pool of white and blue. geraldine's creation and we removed it in the end cuz it's not supposed to be coloured. LOL
geraldine look so pretty, BLURRED. ahhaha. jk luh
i just went jogging and didnt seem to be as effective as last time though i didnt stop this time.
hmmmm... i wonder why
and yong hwee is trying to gain weight as much as possible because i told him it's very pressurizing to go out with him, cuz he's skinnier than me. HAHAH
ya and he said he has been eating an extra bowl of rice and if he feel like giving up he'll think of me, THE FAT ME.
im his gaining weight motivation (inspiration)
ok im losing my ego. =/
MJ'S daughter, Paris's speech, is so pure and touching.
yknow during assembly on tue, we were supposed to watch some racial harmony video. i know, sounds boring..
but omg, got cute guy inside the video. HAHA.
his name is joshua. ok pei qi will smack me again
she's always smacking me! especially when i go ga ga over cute boys. it's only for that moment, wont die. LOL.
ok im gonna watch red thread now. =]

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