Saturday, July 4, 2009


went to school for exams again
oh ya bout last night
but ooh! yi shang's birthday party!
it was damn sweet.
i love it
yi shang teared=]]
we pretended to pass by keppel island, her fav place
and say "why not drop by there, since it's all our first time...." [it really is]
ya and pei qi and kanice pretend to be at vivo and coming from home
but they are actually there
so we walk slowly there
wasting time taking pictures.
ok the pictures are below

ya and when we decide to proceed further, two of them jumped out and shouted " HAPPY BIRTHDAY! "
then keziah and me screamed. LOL!!
and yi shang started to tear
so sweet!
then they brought us to this MINI mat like a pinic
omg, i totally love these kinda things
plus the extremely quiet and pretty environment
everything was perfect
they could watch sun set too
but i had to make my way to NUH to visit my ah ma
firstly, i missed two buses
secondly, i missed one stop
so i wasted a whole lot of time
and walked 1km back to NUH
and i lost my way
and some guy walked me to my mum
luckily he didnt ask how old i am, if not so paiseh.
omg, i saw the stone taken out from my ah ma's kidney
DAMN BIG! like a decompose eyeball
so gross
wet somemore. eek
ok ya
my bimbo genes totally came from her
she breathed in the sleeping gas right
when she woke up, the doctor ask her to leave the room
but she went: but i still need to do the surgery
doctor: oh it's done alr.
ya anws, waited damn long for a cab and slept in it

tried to set alarm at 4.10 to wake up and study today but like
HAIYA, sleep more, so woke up at 5.10 instead
studied a LIL LIL bit of chem
chem and geog sucked but oh wells, it's over so dont talk bout them alr

met yong hwee at shaw house for movie!
omg, damn funny!!! the squirrels are retarded and everything is just enjoyable
there's one scene where the walnut cracked cuz it's heartbroken and everything
and there's this ang moh woman sitting behind me and she said: oh it's giving birth
WTH!? i wanted to lol, but a but rude
so i laughed after the show when i told yh
so stupid!
he beat me in using the toilet the first time
but the second time i beat him
in your face
he couldnt believe i did. LOL

and i played this harry potter game in shaw house too
yh didnt believe i'll ace the game
i freaking win that thing, felt so proud of myself as a girl
good practice on the X-BOX.

ok yes he gave me this sweet cuz he says it's moonlight when it's new moon. so i msged mo and she say it's new moon. and he had to buy this for me. muaha. but he actually alr got it before hand.
he's damn tall and skinny
OK ! THE PICTURES!! omg. the pictures are damn nice

korean eyes. the sun is damn bright

ok bit far

hahahha! we're pushing it, 'really'
i was supposed to be OFF that thing
i was supposed to be in the sky. as you can see, i fell down on my butt, well almost. ULTIMATE UNGLAM. you have to sacrifice for nice shots. lol. I WANT MY MUM TO COME HERE TO TAKE PICTURES AND I'LL BE HER MODEL!!!!
our little pinic=]]] sweetest thing

MY DRAWING ON MY CALCULATOR DURING E MATH PAPER!! SO PRETTY RIGHT. see i told you i had so much time. this totally helped to waste time
ok yes
FCK, i haven bathed. i totally forgot. HAHA
ok im gonna bathe now luh
i went to starbucks just now
oh wait wait, i saw alpha at popular.
yknow chung cheng's dance ex dance chair?
ya... thank goodness he knows me, if not so paiseh.
ya and at starbucks, my mum say this guy in purple kept staring at me
but being the blind bird i am, i couldnt see who
maybe he knows me but sorry to whoever you are!
i just couldnt see. too blur.
ya and the end! im HAPPY=]
edited: oh the guy's norvin. SHIT, my eyesight sucks.

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