Monday, July 13, 2009

judge her anger by her walking speed

yesterday was awesome at first
but it turned bad after my mum called me
she told me to go to buona vista in 30mins
but i only reached after 1 h 30mins
but i really really left at that time she called.
i was just somewhere else.
ya and when i reached i went to eat porridge that my ah ma cooked
half way through, after my auntie left
she suddenly shout at me and said : can you hurry up? i already waited for you for 1h3omins
in the very angry tone
she keeps thinking i lied to her about the time i left the place i was.

so i took one more mouth and stopped eating
in short, i only ate half my dinner
so i went to help my mum take two HEAVY plastic bags
and my other auntie and ah ma juts kept asking me to listen to her and nagging the same things
then on our way down, my dad called and i asked my mum if she had her dinner and she totally gave me that STARE and then ignore.-_-?~
then as i was talking to my dad and walking to the bus stop, she suddenly disappear behind me
she went to find my auntie that left early and was at the coffeeshop
she didnt even tell me ANYTHING
next, i came to look for her [ remember, 2 HEAVY plastic bags ]
and we went to wait for a cab
then a bus came instead and she suddenly decide to board the bus
so i quickly pick up the plastic bags and board the bus too
and when she got off at dover mrt, she didnt tell me either!
i almost miss the stop
then at the mrt, she needed top up her card so i waited for her
but when i realized i needed to top up mine, she didnt wait for me!
then i just msg my friends in the train to entertain myself and to tell them bout my mum
while walking home
WAH. SHE WALK DAMN FAST. that explains my title
i think she didnt walk that fast but still fast cuz it's quite late at night alr
i rather have a cold war man
once i reach home
everything exploded
she confiscated my phone too, i dont know for what. no link but oh wells, she's the mum.
and she started scolding and scolding
and then she blamed me for not letting her be able to have proper dinner
i was like, NVM... she's angry, let it go.
my dad bought like more than enough food for her but she dont wanna eat.

and till now, i still haven gotten it back yet
what if she only plans to return it after o's. SHIT MAN.
my msn is screwed up too
im damn shock and depressed cuz i never fail my phys and chem together b4.
i thought i could actually do well for my phys but it came out like shit
point is i failed damn badly. UGHHH
but i got A for e and a math.
balance? like real.


Anonymous said...

LOL... y did u mum shows all this anger?

SeetShuZhen- Rion said...

what do you mean? lol. er because she is angry?