Monday, July 20, 2009

it was damn retarded.
ok my blogger seems kinda screw up, but it still allows me to type so here i am typing. LOL

anws!!! while going home just now
i suddenly saw a nan hua boy
"i see a nan hua boy X2"
oh i miss that song. LOL
so i quickly walk behind him
never did i expect, he's a dancer from nan hua. AND. omg
this is damn retarded

he and i were like practically walking beside each other, but i didnt know i knew him till half way.
theni started laughing to myself
CUZ NONE OF US SAID HI TO EACH OTHER. so we were like ' i think i know her/him ' in our hearts but just continued listening to our own music.

then the best part was
we live in the same block-_-
so we took the same lift
and that was when he finally said hi after i looked at him
and i literally burst out laughing
who is that?
he's none other than leon.

and i think i learnt takwondo with him b4. OMG?
ya life can be so amusing.
and so damn coincidental.

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