Wednesday, July 22, 2009

IM ALIVE!!! i mean we're alive!

typical day in class.
RACIAL HARMONY! more indian me's. me and vic
mo and me. the wind blew when we took this picture=]

amanda pushing me, no idea why. after changing out of costume=]


so cute right! not me but the whole formation

during chem spa. YES, we have to do practical in the costumes and wear a damn fashionable goggles like what the teacher say. look at the girl at the back wearing a green sari, DAMN hardworking right
see!! the same girl at the back! soooo hardworking. the one in yellow only know how to smile

this just makes me feel very warm, not literally luh
SO SWEET RIGHT. i love the whole feel, in love with this picture
class photo?
woo! look at our sexy back

yi shang commented 'harry potter'
me and my seating partner!
my gf and me. somone actually thought mohita was a guy's name. vice versa for her side. hahahah.
me and girl who dont dare to hug properly. [ meaning= she avoids boob contact ]
but i still love her.
oh talking bout this, when i hug keziah yesterday, she say it felt like a jigsaw puzzle.
think sick.=]
awesome pictures.
i love them so much!
im damn happy there were no tsunami
stupid scientist
i was wondering how is it possible to not know that we will be dying-_-
ok, i need to go study soon

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