Sunday, July 19, 2009

i watched it die

the past three days, i kept finding dead ants below my door
i have no freaking idea why?
and they are all DEAD. just lying there in one disgusting place
ya so the first night, i just vacuumed it all up [ so happy ]
i thought that's it
but the next night, I FOUND THEM THERE AGAIN!
so i vacuumed it up again
and today, it's there once again
where they come from? I have no idea
my mum says it's ants but i was guessing it's termites. but my door didnt show any signs of holes or anything
ya i talked to my mum
i kept trying to find reasons to talk to her

photos not taken with my present phone
present phone kinda screwed up, so couldnt take pictures
and im gonna blog super fast cuz i wanna watch HARRY POTTER!
my fav series=]]
and i watched my lil bro's fish die
it was scary
it looks like it got a heart attack
it just suddenly jumped and kept shaking vigourously until 1 min later
it stopped moving. and it died.
ok H.P!

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