Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i broke the promise

i think i promised my mum i'll do better for my mid years but i actually deproved. WHAT?!
i cant believe it
im so sad......
anws! let's talk bout pei qi's birthday
i think only left her. she hasnt upload the pictures and she has the most.
so firstly she was suppose to figure out what 'do you want to be on top' meant
it's actually at topshop where she'll find victoria but she went to the top level instead at first
yh and i were alr waiting at our checkpoint
then the second clue was "Monkey Runs Through/ 6"
which is the monorail, this one was given cuz she didnt know the mrt had 6 parts.
so she came to the monorail
and yh gave her the flowers
hahha, and she believed he's my brother. LOL
i'll post the video on fb soon. but you cant see him giving her the flowers.
then we all made our way to ben and jerrys and yi shang and vic left for sentosa first.
at b and j
ok in short, pei qi was quite sad that very little ppl came
so when she finally saw the rest at sentosa, she was happier.
too much details alr.
dancing nobody. what a weird pose to take picture. lol
saviours of the ball. we two risk our skin and went to retrieve the balls stuck in the bush
we used this annoying thingy that keeps getting stuck between the branches to get it out
sotong and me=] you know the 'swim here' sign behind. i don know why it's planted on the beach. they expect us to swim on the sand? HAHAHHAHA my mum has not spoken to me yet.
i cant figure her out
my mum?
ok she has a freaking weird temper.
how am i suppose to tell her my results this way

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