Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dimples are sexy
me and smit went for a math remedial today
and went to BK [old times ] for breakfast and to study
it was freezing cold inside BK!!
so when it was lunch time and we realize alot of ppl were finding places to sit, we kindly went outside instead
hahaha. it was so warm and nice outside
the only bad thing is that, SO MANY FREAKING PIGEONS! it kept flying pass us and next to us and it's quite scary.
they're pretty smart too
they waited for the humans to go away before attacking the table.
it's scary when you see them sliding on the mayo filled table
it was hilarious. i should have a taken a video for you man!
anws, it was pretty productive i must say. HAHA

this the vid where yong hwee gave pei qi flowers. LOL

stop telling me you cant see him give it to her.

it's hard to film someone and not be seen

yup and my lil bro wants to play maple alr.-_-!


i just want to thank everyone who had been listening to me complain bout my problems. [ me and mum thingy ]

and trying to help me

im just gonna leave it to time

and i think she is less angry now. yay=]

have a good one!

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