Monday, July 6, 2009

dance outing?

ok, yes i meant for the qn mark. hahaha
anws, it's no one's fault luh
some had plans and sick and everything
ya so the same old dance clique went to have lunch at cafe cartel, P.S together
though we made our way with the other dancers there
we split up
tsk tsk
ya and the lunch was extremely weird
because of the waiters
bad breath uncle
i think they hire ppl who cant speak proper english and dont understand proper math
we all got so annoyed by them. i was literally shouting at him
but nvm, he shant spoil out mood after our LAST PAPER!
WOO! but oh yes, we still have ss test this week
WTH?! no rest day at all
this is our reward after working so hard
oh pigolas dropped by P.S with her sis too
he's so dumb! he totally walk pass the door.
ya anws, his sis is adorable
very polite too
so unlike her brother.
oh no, i promised to be a nicer than i alr am
ok ya his sis is super smart
pigolas pronounces 'zachary' as 'zac-che-ri' too! so not only me
like brother like sister
but his sis pronounced it correctly!!! OMGGGGG
and im still the only only who pronounces 'humus' as 'hue-moose'
yes he was weirdly awkward today
and he sounds much better with his sore throat
we dragged the scandals in too. xiong also.
AHHAHA. interesting talk.
i wanna be pigolas's sis's godsis
i always wanted a lil sis!!! omg, yes. this is an awesome opportunity
when she grows up i can bring her go out and teach her all bout girl stuff
i think im a bad influence though
glenda told me that today
but i shall be the good person when im with her
im alr loving his sis.

then we went to the toilet. HHAHA
look at geraldine. lol
ok ya and after that we went to make some master piece
the pictures' with xiu
i bet you dont understand what i mean
i'll take a picture later and post it up 2moro
some things we do when we're young
bought this at popular
so pretty right
i made my mum pay this for me, though she knows i wont use it. ahhaa
and because my hard pointe is getting too small for my big feet
my ballet teacher told me to take out the paper mache inside and make it to soft pointe
so the destruction begins
damn hard luh
i think i gained alot of muscles from it.
i used a lot of strength to ply it open and pull it out
cuz there's like a small flat screw inside
horrible. but yes i managed to finish it in the end. now it fits perfectly and hurts like CRAP!
my messy cupboard. where i tie my hair and put half of my make-up
im happy today
unlike yesterday
and i realize i should watch my words on my blog and on other blogs
ppl tend to take it the wrong way
i just hope they dont anyhow spread stuff that they misinterpret wrongly
so if you dont know anything, shut. ok, that's sounds like im angry. no dont take it the wrong way luh. it's just that i dont like it.
fyi, im single and NOT dating anyone.
i feel like insulting again
my new hobby but shuzhen! stop it
not worth it
my world's spinning
you spin my head right round right round.
it also means i need to sleep. =]
yes, finally a good sleep

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