Sunday, July 5, 2009


i don know
but maybe some ppl expect a emo post from me about crescent dance
but i just want to keep the good memories and not have a sad good bye
ayg actual day was sad enough for me alr
i have no more tears
i dont cry easily, my heart is made of steel
but when it starts, it's hard to stop
talking to my juniors these few days make me realized how much i need to know them
seeing nan hua as one big close grp
it kinda makes me jealous
i think crescent can do so much more so let's bond more
so juniors, pls go bond with your juniors next time. it'll be too late to regret after your last dance
but luckily, it's not that bad for me now
at least i've got a chance and it's relatively enjoyable to talk to my crappy ego juniors.
HAHAHA. you guys can talk to me bout your problems

yes crescent dance have definitely shaped me into a BETTER Person
though i think it kinda made me more ego and bimbo
but ya, all my fun times in crescent is due to dance
most luh. my class also not bad
w/o dance, my life would be IMCOMPLETE
crez dance is just a total diff place. you'll feel the closest to your dance mates after these 4 years
and though you'll have some conflict in b/w, they have to forgive you somehow and after that, you'll be really close. speaking from experience. but if still dont work out then you still have others.
dance made me more responsible bout EVERYTHING
though im still lazy now. it have definitely taught me more than i should know

most importantly, LIU LAO SHI
he's the father of everyone
he does so much more than he should
disciplining us, teaching us USEFUL skills
caring for us. he doesnt just teach us how to dance, he teaches us how to be a person.
he's the one to be most missed after i graduate. [ not valerie, not amanda, not samantha, not geraldine. HAHAHA ]
im so glad i was under him in my 4 years.
because.... he once said that he wont be teaching crescent dance anymore
im sorry juniors. you'll miss the best teacher in your life.
he is a saint. i have to say this, i think he is better than MJ.
whatever he promises to do, he'll do it. no matter what, he'll get it done by the end of the day.
everyone automatically respects him and always dance our best for him.

wen xuan
shen yong. ok, lol
MATTHEW ZACHARY LIU. they say it's pronouced as zakary, but there's no K!!
TIAN JUN! my shuangrenwu partner=]]]]
yang yang. HAHAHAH! omg ghey name. yiyang
i had my sleepy eyes again. contacts felt like it was falling out
HAOTING! glenda's son
and woohoo!! im not that heavy. actually he looks like im freaking heavy. SHIT
jing kai
im going jogging later with my bro
oh i had ballet just now and hahhhaa
listen to what i have to say later on
i learnt a new dance today and oh it's so emo!
i love it
i loveeee emo ballet dance
i shall video it next time, maybe not next week
but ooh, damn nice!!!
and the australia guy ballet teacher coming
and everyone ballet teacher in SINGAPORE wants him to teach their students
i went last year and i was super tired after he's class
wah, torture
stomach in! i dont want to see your lunch/ dinner!
wear contacts! BUN UP YOUR HAIR!
imagine you hair a piece of sweet wrapper b/w your knees, GRAB IT!
wah, you can totally lose 893798374 calories from it
but going for that means i have to not go for the gathering on fri
so which should i choose.
i think it's at night
so ya, maybe i wont go for the gathering
cuz the ballet thing is like once a year.
hmmm. someone come persuade me, then i'll consider. HAHA
this old uncle, ok maybe 30, 40 plus came up to talk to me
NO NO, he's not hitting on me, duh
he just tells me he's the vice-chair of some grp
was really paying attention at that time
and he was going to add me on fb, thankfully he didnt laugh at my ah lian email add
princess_****@ hotmail .com?!
im sure everyone will have some ah lian thing lor.
and i dont plan to change it. so MA FAN.
ya and he was asking me what sch im from, what sch i wanna go to
what i wanna be when i grow up
haha! and he said i look smart, should be able to go NJ
if i join those activities, maybe can be an additional point
and he say i speak so naturally and smooth, shouldnt be a problem
see! im not a dumb bimbo. i do have knowledge
i said like something to do with the beauty side
maybe make-up artist
then he say image consultant
then i said ya
me: look like right?
him: ya [looks at my toes]
him: looking at your nailpolish, i can see that you're very creative, you did this yourself?
me: oh? HAHHA, yes. but it only looks good from far
him: no, it's good. but i dont understand why my wife can spend 2 hrs on it
me: no, it's because after you've finished, you'll feel very happy. haha, you must enjoy doing it.
him: ya ya, not bad. you can go this direction
me: i might also want to be a dancer but it's hard in s'pore, you have to go overseas and my mum doesnt really want me to dance
him: huh yeah. but the arts in s'pore is slowly picking up
me: ya SLOWLY... i don know.. she just wants me to take it as a hobby. so ya.
him: ok nice meeting you. bye
HAHHAHA. first time i talk so much to a stranger
ya and i don know why i went to tell him bout AYG TOO.
ok.. the ground's still wet, cant go jogging
my bro can go jog his 10 km, i'll just do 1/5 of his and rest after 1km
im so slack but haiya.

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