Saturday, July 25, 2009


OMGOSH! the dances are so cool!

but there were so little modern dances.... cat high's one was really awesome
if only their instructor teaches a JC. lol
i know their instructor. i know i said that b4,HAHAA. must show off.
ya yishun town's one was super cool too
the rest were as awesome but of cuz i prefer the modern dances more [ im from modern dance ]
but they should have put in more JCs

kaimin me and oli!
so many things happened yesterday
but firstly
i like that korean guy, nickkhun from 2pm?
i don know, omg, he's damn cute
even mrs tan admire his features=]]
the first part of the day was funny
but yesterday, the whole class seemed a little dead, including me
it's the weather. everything, blame it on the weather. lol
i need to work on my imitating skills. i think i suck at that luh.
ok anws, after school ended at 3.30, rushed homw with pooch to change
and met joan and lynn at sumo house at clementi
joan lost her way again. HAHAAH.
anws, we 3 were all wearing pink!
like we didnt tell anyone
it was just a coincidence!
so cool. lynn's was light pink
mine was medium and joan's dark pink
and i ate my udon extremely fast yesterday
luckily we made it in time
omg, we saw lao shi at UCC
such a nice surprise=]]]]
and we started cam-whoring a little

there was one grp of pink and one grp of blacks
and regina change damn alot! omg
after she cut hair and look like a bunk, i think her ego increased too

and i felt extremely guilty yesterday
ok i did this to a human and a cat
i made yong hwee go home alone
that's one
and the second one was while walking back home
i saw a black cat
i thought it was the one i knew from across the block
they have the same eyes
so i went to pat it
but it started meowing and it's skinnier than the other one
cuz the feel of both cats are different
and this has a bell on its neck
so i thought it belonged to someone
i carried it inside the block and put it down
and it started following me. =/
i don know why but i just hate the feeling of ppl or even animals following me.
so i quickly walk to my block and took the lift up
and that cat follow me all the way to my block!
i think he thought that i would help him find his owner but i just left him alone outside
maybe that cat fell from the window or something [assuming it's from level 2 or 3 ]
i felt like a huge sinner.
and it's challenging to talk on the phone during the time span of a toilet break.
yay! i just completed a video for someone=]]
___ will know soon

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