Saturday, July 11, 2009

clueless once again~

i don know how to start this post.
ok, nvm, i start with going to sch
it was pei qi the bimbo's birthday yesterday!
and it was damn cool
the pictures are with dian i think
anws, in the morn, yishang they all came in with balloons and say happy birthday
omg, the plan is damn detailed so it's very hard to explain
ok so first lesson is phys.
mr tan came in with a flower
and like say something before giving it to pei qi, it was damn funny
then recess we made her wear some stupid stuff, and everyone was looking!
hahaha, anws, that's what she wrote in her birthday list: to make me look stupid.
and yes the next lesson was geog. mr chng is the best i swear
he totally cracked all of us up
and once again, he gave a flower to pei qi
btw, lynette bought those flowers and they all went to ask the teachers to pass the flowers to pei qi
and then the next lesson is chi and zhu lao shi also gave a flower to pei qi. but wasnt what we expected
LOL, then pei qi had to leave for her piano exam.
PEI QI!!! dont worry, you probably did fine just that you're a perfectionist. HAHA. really=]]

i think im falling sick again
i having flu and cough. and you just know it man.
I CANT FALL SICK TODAY!!! pls sickness, postpone it to like next week, but not on mon. that's results day.

then after school, skip skip skip
met xiu celeste and geraldine at redhill and took the bus to KAP
i was so urgent and geraldine kept making me laugh.
luckily i didnt pee on myself
then we ate fries at macs b4 going over for the gathering.
wah, i used the toilet so many times.
i think since macs and at the gathering itself, together 5 times.
either my bladder got problem or i drink too much water.
i don know what to say about the gathering
i think it's just for crescent and nan hua to know.
anws, overall, it wasnt too bad.=]
i appreciate the junior's effort

xiu has a clearer one
the ghostly face [ that always says she's very pretty ] is sandwiched behind

it's all freaking blur. ughh
but im just glad that in the end
more sec 4s decided to turn up
i wasnt that high yesterday prolly cuz i was damn tired.
i reached home at 11.45pm and got a scolding from my mum
anws, thanks liang yuan for helping me see whether my bus came or not.
and yesterday, i saw so many diff sides of ppl.
good and bad actually. =]
and i kept eating chips and choco
oh no wonder im feeling sick..
must recover today.
pls pls pls
p.s: just dont let it ruin the connection b/w us. [hopefully you guys get it]

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Tham said...

hahahahaahahaha. i feel so bad for making you laugh. next time if i urgent you don't make me laugh ok. please HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHA.