Monday, July 27, 2009


before i go on with my blogging
i would like to introduce Charmaine to you.
she is also a nuff-nanger, however she is only 4 years old and has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma

As she is in the 4th stage of the illness, Charmaine’s chances of survival are bleak (10%-20%) if she remains in Singapore for treatment. But with the treatment offered in the U.S., she has a higher chance (40%-50%) to survive this ordeal.
However, the cost of treatment in the U.S is high, with the initial deposit coming up to $500,000SGD.
nuffnang hopes we blog about this so that more people can help Charmaine.

you can refer to forcharmaine/howto.php in making a donation.
by just donating 2 bucks, or even 1, you can help her so much.
if you haven been doing any good deed, here's your chance! haha

visit this website to view more adorable pictures of her! of course i didnt imply you are a paedo, just a curious person=] you can see her picture at the advertorial thingy at the side.

"A life is precious and you can’t put a price to it". nuffnang wants thank you on behalf of Charmaine's mum, Cynthia.
Ok! so back to my usual blogging!!!
so on sat, went to sengkang to celebrate my ah gong's birthday
took the circle line for the first time
the mrt station looks really huge, like changi's mrt. you guys should go see it some time
but when in the train, it's like, very little oxygen, i don know why. some ppl might feel giddy after taking the train.
but it was overall a cool experience!
then we went to star bucks for a coffee at compass point b4 going to my auntie's house

my mum looks so cute and funny here! hahaahah, me and my brothers couldnt stop laughing

my lil bro hates taking pictures so he's not in here. wadsup with cute guys and not liking the camera -_-
cappuccino cheese cake
then ya.... i love telling jokes, so fun
so yes, let skip skip to the bad luck parts
on sun, i cycled to my ballet lesson area
and i parked it outside and yes i LOCKED IT
so i went for my ballet lesson that ended after an hour
when i went down, it was freaking gone!
i was like wth!!! so i went to report to the CC
and they let me watch the CCTV
this red shirt with long blck pants guy stole my bicycle
i hate you!!! stupid asshole
he freaking came in with no bicycle and left with one
and he didnt even come into the cc, he just spent 20min outside cutting the lock i suppose
WTH. im not sad, im damn pissed at that idiot.
that bike cost almost 300!!!!
1 lesson learnt
we shouldnt buy nice-looking bikes in the future
liverpool and singapore, 5 - 0? lol, exactly what my auntie predicted.
and yong hwee found his picture on the liverpool website.
torres is hot=]
oh after the bicycle thing
we went to pioneer area to eat at re ben chun
i forgot the jap name
but it's a very good place
the food there is great. i love the chawanmushi [egg thingy ]
oh this place was introduced to me by lynn and my mum's friend. lol
anws, my bad luck continues
this morning, i almost left my phone in the bus, luckily i realize it was missing before it left. PHEW
and after chem spa, oh which was pretty interesting.
i was showing poorani my 'arm muscles' and mr teow walked past and gave me that look
and poorani said: i wonder how pooja can stand sitting with you everyday.
ya anws, while walking to the P.E destination
my SLIM phone slipped out of my grip and fell onto the floor, INTO THE DRAIN
yes, it's so slim that it could fall throught the hole
and it was covered in gross sandy liquidy stuff.
even my battery was wet.
yes what bad luck
and i got 0/6 for my geog time trial
ok, my dad just came back from malaysia and there's plenty of goodies!!=]]
jealous jealous jealous ppl. HAHA, jk=] you wont be jealous of the fat me.

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