Tuesday, June 9, 2009

trans~ [edited.]

no im not talking bout transition metals.
neither am i talking bout trannys
though it'll be good
oh btw, did you guys know megan fox is a guy?
fyi, megan fox is the girl acting in transformers.
i cancelled those words because the person who told me megan fox is a guy now tells me she isnt. AHAH
im talking bout being in a trance
like when you do something you love, you tend to not care bout what the outside world
i wished i was forever in a dance trance.
ppl say im a totally different person when i dance and when i behave normally
i think so too. i think i become kinder when im dancing
lol, that's why i wanna be in that trans forever, so i'll be kind and wont get angry and annoyed by stupid things and my life would be much happier and so will others!
so many "and's" in that sentence.
and both my dance teacher in charge say i look mischievous. huh?!
i never knew that, do i?
i was so shock during farewell. for geraldine, it's normal luh, she even told ms sim our dance badge is the head prefect badge and she believed it. HAHHA. when she first came into crescent that is.
ok, im so very bored
and my liquid tape is giving me trouble. the white thingy doesnt want to come out.
p.s: after what you said last night, it's so much clearer that you have no idea what you're saying and i cant believe you see no wrong in that! that's the worst.
no? doing something OBVIOUSLY wrong but you cant see it. that's so stupid
i hate stupid guys
oh this has no link with my ps thingy
i hate guys that are blind
not literally but those that suck at judgement of character?
hopefully my brothers are not like that.

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