Sunday, June 28, 2009

this is my last post b4 AYG

everyone is getting a little emotional here and there
only those who are involved in this understand that feeling
it's like you cant bear to let it go
i'll miss so many things
be it good or bad
bad being the ache i get while doing make-up
it's gonna happen 2moro
and everything will be over in just 24 hours
i love everyone and everything
i have certainly gained so much more through this.

however, my dad still doesnt know what AYG IS.
wth huh.

and my eld bro said N1H1. HAHAHAHA

and my lil bro has no ass

he's freaking skinnier than me?! idiot.

oh my new tag line: IM JEALOUS OF MYSELF. [ seriously, i used to be so much skinnier. ugh ]

hahhahha. i talked so much just now to my mama

telling her bout my god bro and complaining to her bout those ppl who call me fat.=]

so fun. im so excited for 2moro

i know everyone is asleep now and i should prolly be asleep too

Michael jackson was one awesome dancer.

good luck to all the ayg dancers tomorrow

we'll do an awesome job i just know that.


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