Wednesday, June 17, 2009

reverse effect. GAHHH

ok i thought this sickness would make me slimmer in the i-would-have-no-appetite kinda way
but no! my mum say those medicine i ate will make me hungrier and yes it does
i have supper almost everyday and i feel fatter and fatter
that's not good!
and i don exercise anymore, too lazy
i wanna go study 2moro but my mum dont allow
nvm, i shall beg her.
honestly, im hungry
i just had my dinner 2 hrs ago
really, oh man, should i go cook some scrabble egg.
oh i wasnt supposed to eat anything fried and spicy but i just couldnt resist temptation to that.
i ate some spicy fried cheesy chicken when i went out yesterday.
too awesome!
ok i shall go eat the drowsy med now and mug all i can
oh i drank alcohol too! oh man, destroying my body.
i prefer sweet alcohol, i hate red wine, so bitter.

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