Thursday, June 11, 2009

not fated~

ok i think me and movie doesnt go well. i didnt watch movie today either
maybe next week, maybe never. LOL
went to geraldine's house to study instead
she's is so entertaining

just look at her!
oh this is my mum's nail polish. from loreal. can tell a whole lot of difference. so much better quality.
meeting her and glenda at jurong east library to study 2moro
i need to lose weight
everyone is getting slimmer except me and wait
my lil bro just called me on my phone though he's at home
weird. oh hahhaa, i did something stupid again
while going to chong pang for dinner just now
been so long since i went there, i remember complaining bout going there always last time
ya at yishun bus interchange, i had this strong feeling im gonna meet someone i know
so i took out my ear piece in case someone calls me and i turn my head to just see
ya and i saw jun wei. my ex classmate
so cool. girl's intuition are accurate.
ya and ___
ok you dont have to know that, in case he reads my blog. LOL
then while having my dinner just now
i kept calling him
i mean accidental luh
i thought i had alr locked my phone but apparently, noooo
and i called him 6 times. hahaha
and he picked up and the longest solo convo lasted for 50s.
HAHAHA. talking to space.
so guilty but its funny.
and i saw eddie on the bus with a TURQUOISE BLUE shirt [he says it's green] just now but he didnt see me. blind. HAHA
oh at the coffee shop just now
my bro ordered teh-c. don have to know what's that
ya and he said this while accidentally pointing to me
gor: too sweet, not enough milk
me: oh thank you. ya luh, i also don have babies yet, wait till i have a baby, i'll have more milk.

ok yes...
i should sleep
oh wait wait wait...
i went cycling yesterday and met up with my brothers that were alr fishing
ya and i tried
IT'S LIKE HAVING A NEW BORN BABY? such a good feeling
but im still not that interested in fishing.
my lil bro actually search the net for more info bout fishing?
woo. serious case.
p.s: can you get any dumber? AHHHHHH. de wonder you had 4 ___ b4 and all failed. you dont just make a lousy __ you make a lousy friend too


aFARTaDAY said...

someone told me all females can produce milk without having to give birth first...

SeetShuZhen- Rion said...

really meh, you believe that someone? go search the internet first. haha