Saturday, June 27, 2009

love love~

i like my new brother so far
but both my real and fake one have something in common
cant say
though the height diff is pretty obvious.
today was actually pretty awesome
but when we reach the indoor stadium
things went a little off
i almost lost my cool but ya sry if i looked very angry

i was just pms-ing, i think
it's over soon
my hip hurts
the last aeroplane part totally ruin my hip
go one ba la ku there

and and OMG
i brush across my C.G'S hand
yes! i haven mentioned any c.g yet
but there are quite a few

OOPS, i dont mean them. those below are the ppl we're imitating
HAAHHAA. hao ting. xuan hao. wen xuan. wei wen. kai wei. jing kai
i need to go out after the last pose
cannot hold hands or see c.g alr
and i stand super low in front leading the impt person down
i feel so honoured

talked to dan kwoh and patrick too!!! omg they are like super cool choreographers

and let's see... other than that
i need to take compulsory pictures with so many ppl on mon
my table mates
ok nvm i shant name them here.
2moro is a rest day for us!
but the make-up is running out.

ughh how.
i dirtied my costume and vandalized my hand with eyeshadow poweder today
4 ppl say im fat
first is tian jun. then is pigolas, he's is super idiotic
then jing kai and wei wen together suan me
then lastly is geraldine
so 2moro i'll go lose weight
oh addition, now jian bin says im fat
OMG!!!!! i really need to lose weight sia

xiu took this super gross big fugly pic of me

melia and mua
WE CAN ALL SEE THAT AMELIA IS A PERV. [i was covering my boobs cuz i know she's taking there]


tiring job

super weird pic. ling yuan and me. my make up was off alr
ok im done. FINALLY!
im depressed and im going for ballet and running 2moro!
good night everyone!

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