Monday, June 1, 2009

IT'S OVER!!!!!

ask me how it is, ask me how it is!
ok it's not as easy as i thought it would be.....
i hope i dont get a B3. i wanna get at least an A2~
anws, im done and over it
im gonna do my other sub hw and enjoy this week!!!
whee!! dance camp tomorrow, im damn excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love sleepovers, but my mum dont allow, unless it's chalet or camp.
both start with c
ok anws, tue and wed dance in sch, fri dance at nan hua!
and sat is lynn's birthday!
actually, im not sure if i can go but.... i alr bought her present.

i wanna watch the hannah montana movie!!
and ttyl bout my mum

during sat remedial. emo kid
he treated us to macs. lao shi! i know you will read this. hahah, ya thank you!! if i get A1 or even A2, i will treat you back. only fast food, no expensive restaurants.
who?? ok i should stop who-ing

no not studying, doing sudoku
went to vivo after the papers today
finally get to eat in peace
we were laughing at some boys that somersault up the hill and landed on his butt.
ok we're quite mean. but nisa's aspire to be a mum next time i think.
yup, and we walked about, got lynn's present.
i want shades. buy me buy me buy me. doesnt have to be on my birthday...
hahaha. ok anws, they went to watch angels and demons, but i was afraid my mum would scold me cuz of some cold war... so i didnt.
got back home and went cycling

yup... me and my mum
from some minor issue to a major issue
i thought it was done in the bus
but when we got home, it was much worse
she just barge into my room and started shouting her ass off at me
saying ridiculous stuff
and those stuff ruined my confidence for my chi o.
i went to do my chi afterwards and suddenly cant do anything, i was damn freaking scared. i was crying and crying.
the next morn, i thought everything would be fine but she remained distant.
she stayed in her room the whole day and i didnt talk to her at ALL.
till i ask her for my ic, and she started scolding me again
i bet she's waiting for the trigger, that moment i talk to her, she'll start scolding again.
and she refused to give me my ic.
but this morn, my dad passed it to me
she just got home, i feel that after this, our relationship is like shit luh.
i don even know when we'll start talking again.
my mum is not like jocelyn's mum, buy her perfume and actually say sorry to her.
putting that aside, i caught terminator salvation last sat!
i hate it!!!! !@^#%!@&
not becuz it suck luh, i mean the guys they use are relatively hot, ok majorly hot,
especially marcus.
i swear, if you didnt watch the previous movies
dont watch this, you wouldnt understand anything.
i was damn pissed off cuz i was super confused.
and my brother gave up hope explaining to me.
ughh. such a guy movie.
i wanna watch MVA!

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