Tuesday, June 16, 2009

it's been long since my feet ached that bad

finally met up with my cousin after a longgggg time.
even her previous piercings that i've yet to see closed up alr
she has matured so much, omg.
so fast
and she has a fetish for branded bags and wallets.
we spent the whole day in coach, gucci, louis vuitton, raulph lauren, dunhill, chanel, guess.. .bla bla those shops.
ya the prices are crazy.. 400 plus for a wallet?! idk bout her but i'll never buy such an expensive wallet UNLESS someone buys it for me.

in a shop. blur though

the sole of my feet is aching though im not wearing any shoe now. damn
oh we caught hannah montana the movie
it's not that bad, really
stop giving me that are-you-kidding-me face
it's really quite nice!
i love the songs she sang
and tyra banks and taylor swift are in there, why not?
there's a cute guy in there too. so ya, go watch!=]]
amelia, suits you. mo mo, you too. hahah. oh pei qi too!

bought a shorts from cotton on
i wanted a dress from there
ah, the med is taking effect, im tired.
had dinner with jocelyn!
mum met her friend, eld bro went out with ex class mates, dad and lil bro alr had dinner
so ya, i was alone.
ok bye bye bye bye bye
my toes are hurting i dont know why
arghhhhhhh, smartie pants is making me feel guilty again
you have succeeded.
good night!

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