Monday, June 8, 2009


you're so weird. so annoying.
so childish and so idiotic

SEC 4s!
still have some lipstick on my lips
oh i 4got to blog bout this just now
when i was walking home from the mrt
i thought someone was stalking me
this uncle actually
actually it wasnt clear till the last traffic light that im supposed to cross
i walked down the first staircase but he didnt, he just continue walking str, so i thought maybe it's just my imagination
but after crossing the road
i saw him going down the 3rd stairs and jaywalking across
i was damn freaked out so i started walking faster
he was only 3 metres away
then he kept looking at me
like to make sure im in sight
then he walked to one blk to make it less obvious he's following me but as he saw me continue walking on, he walk to next blk too!
then when i was out of his sight for that few sec, i quickly run to the lift and go up.
damn freaky.
imagine i got raped. OH CHOY CHOY CHOY!PUI PUI
ok let's not think of that.


aFARTaDAY said...

in order not to get raped aFARTaDAY suggests you go out like that

Seet shuzhen said...

HAHHA. wth. firstly, i'll die from heat, secondly, i think the police will catch me.