Saturday, June 13, 2009

I never thought i would upload all these ghey pictures but i did.

after un-tying my bun

i used my elbow to click the mouse. awesome

oh this was during chem spa. long long long time ago. this year though.. we looked so gay
ok, 3rd day in a row.
went to jurong to study.
once again, both of them make me laugh like shit
glenda's slipper broke cuz she was dancing in public, ON HER OWN
ya and we went shoe shopping
this auntie saw her and started giggling at her. HAHAHHAA
yes, alot of other things happened too, but not appropriate to be announced on my blog.
nth sick luh
saw a graduated crescentian, she looks so different! she recognize me too. haha=]
cuz we always take the same bus in the morn and same train.
anws, i think yesterday was much more productive
ooh ohh! i found a date to watch movie with me=]
my beloved cousin. we're going shopping too!
so i must study extra hard.
i know so many competitive friends.
gets quite annoying.
i was THINKING in the train today bout my past and i suddenly love the present A LOT
i have no idea why
maybe cuz my pri sch period was terrible.
sec 1 and 2 too.
things started to change after sec 3
i don look forward to JC life other than there would be the opposite sex there but workload, DOUBLE.
from the radio: why is it when people say something is indescribable, they would try to describe it after they say that.
i dont want to be someone, i want to be somebody.
i want my life to be fufilling, not a plain jane's life.
but sometimes i wish i lived on a farm.
NO NO NO NO, i just realize it reminds me of hannah montana movie, NO IT ISNT FROM THERE.

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