Monday, June 15, 2009

i have not done anything much today
woke up with a terrible sore throat
visited the doctor.
feeling much better now.
let me tell you this, dogfights are so much more interesting than catfights
my eld bro had some dogfight on fb with some guy, from previous same school
woah, full of sarcasm.

and recently there are so many stupid creatures coming into my toilet
moths and lizards
the lizards are HUMONGOUS.
thankfully my dad was home that night and caught it with his bare hands though he lost the tail.
and the moths.... i can do nothing but let it fly away by itself
now there's something else in the study room but im not sure what it is.
i just saw something flying and i ran out of the room.
my brother just bought subway cookie and im not allowed to eat.

yes! im gonna watch a movie, tommorrow

and i suddenly realize i look so much like a bimbo when i was in sec 3
ok ok ok ok ok you can tell me 'i told you so'
but amelia will win beat me. HAHAHA.
i need to pee.
i shall only think of the happy things
it is not the end if it isnt good. i'll always remember that.

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