Saturday, June 6, 2009

this link goes to geraldine's different hairstyles.
she's our live entertainer
and SOMEONE find her cute arh. hahaha
ok anws, had dance at nan hua, i officially hate the scorpion hairstyle
and my layered hair
it keeps falling apart and it looks like i have no bathed for 10 years
in short, i looked like an auntie
well that's not the point
i keep making ppl tie my hair, feel so bad
and the ground was super super hot. you CANNOT imagine
i pity those bamboo stick dancers.
ya jade seah came to interview some nan hua ppl

she is damn tall
damn slim
damn pretty
damn bimbo
im not lesbian, but i just like admiring other ppl's beauty.
i know it's weird
im damn sleepy now so this post would be damn short
ya today had been a really interesting day at sumo house and mrt
i was telling celeste and xiu xiu bout my secrets. HAHAHA
it's damn retarded.
and im perspiring after a bath
i better go into the aircon room alr
oh b4 i go off, have to add this
the colour of the costume is weird but oh wells, it is a costume.
i think i have something else to say but i 4got and i dont feel like using my brain now.

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