Sunday, June 21, 2009


im still not well. !&*@
my past week had been horrible for me
went to the doc again today
i had been having giddy spells for the past 3 days and i had been sleeping non-stop
i have so many things in hand
exams, dance, heatlh. i need to study
but my head always slams on the bed whenever i read my book
let me tell you, you dont want my illness
it sucks so badly
the medicine is even worse
it is DAMN GROSS. 10/10
and i did so many weird stuff
ugh, you know stomach, i hate you. PFFFS
i had been consuming half of what i should be eating
not being able to consume awesome food for so many days
OMG, this is killing me
i wanna eat heathily!!!!! i dont want porridge and soup and porridge anymore.......
i dreamt i had a pet ostrich and he told me he likes me as an owner cuz i make it feel like an ostrich.

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