Tuesday, June 23, 2009


im feeling much better
though the stupid dizzy spell still hit me a few times today
but SOOOO much better than last week
last week was torture
i just wanna get back that over eating ability
now if i eat too much [ cuz the food taste so good ] i'll feel like puking

went for dance just now.
wow, changes.
because of the stupid quarantine for 7 days thing if you go overseas
that's so freaking long
i just took on a new role and it involves a lot of flipping..
if the thing wasnt that serious, i swear i wouldnt do it
but at that moment im like the lost soul and had to do whatever it is.
praise me, i only screamed once, on the first try
but yay, xiu say i learn quite fast
i tried sleeping just now but i cant
the steps and flips and everything just come to my head
so nervewrecking.

but i must count my lucky stars that my partner is strong. im not being mean but i always thought he and evelyn was like the perfect partners in doing that part.
make me feel more safe~
he sweats a lot.=]
my lil bro went to malaysia today. LOL
and ya....

i need to bathe
hair is gross

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