Saturday, June 6, 2009


went for her party today
bit weird cuz i know majority of the ppl there since they are from crescent but not very close
so there was that awkwardness, but oh wells
the place is pretty, and dirty
and tissueless. HAHAHA. but the food was good
amanda and sharon left early, joce too
so i was left 'alone'
but joan came afterwards!!! woo
and the juniors as well=]
ya i have other photos in my new phone last day of semester one. clean and green day.

ok yes i changed my phone today
i kinda like my eld bro's one better though
cuz of the design
but someone keeps telling me mine is MUCH better
so im gonna learn to use my phone and love it.
im not putting that orange mo mo on my new phone alr, spoil the cool image.
it just annoys me, quite lag alr, maybe i should delete all the pics inside
i would definitely miss my own phone....

took this picture with my bro's phone
i'll upload one taken with my phone in the next post, you shall compare
one is 5 mega pix one is 8.

oh after the party, me and joan went to wisma to walk
we had alot of fun at the shades section
i shall say it again.
I LOVE SHADES!!! oh plus rings too=]]]
rings are hot.
then we went to F21
omg saw this damn pretty girl
looks like model.

oh and watch this vid. it's funny

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