Monday, June 8, 2009


yes, i really cant connect the phone to the pc
so i used the adaptor instead=]
smart right. actually my bro told me to use that instead.
oh wells, i cant upload the real 8 mega pix photo yet because the file is very big, use up alot of space.
wait till i resize it
i think my phone is cool, but it lags alot.

went to school this morning for e math
i suddenly feel so lousy at math
oh wells, then went for a math and lido for lunch
got the charcoal colour mac cup!
i have all except the first green
this doesnt even fit. HAHAHA.



this is so dumb. haha
pei qi is damn retarded
she went for piano or something in two different havianas.
and she only realized it after she went home. SO GONG!
ok... the answer to the previous qn is
I wanna watch:
-hannah montana, the movie
-monsters versus aliens
-drag me to hell
-Ghost of girlfriend pasts!! (ah i must watch this)
which one should i watch 2moro?
im so gonna learn lyrical hip hop after o again
i love it too much.

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