Sunday, June 7, 2009

dread technology

that is for today only
i cant seem to connect my damn phone to the PC
so i cant upload picture from my new phone
so ya, wait...
anws, yes i changed my blog skin
no nth happened to me, i just felt like it=]

some pictures from joce's cameraaaaa

by far the wackiest picture
some toilet roll thingy which i still dont understand how it works
this window is suitable for suicidal.
oh oh, i don know why but my bro seems weird.
lil bro...
he's talking on the phone with his friend i think
a guy
and he's giving me a feeling his gay?
no, not that bad, just urghhh, that goosebump thingy.
forget that
oh the place we went for lynn's birthday is very much like a resort.
love the design
have i mentioned that?
ya maybe it's just this PC. i'll go try to connect to the other one.
i need to do my hw
i 4got
omg omg omg.
wait blog finish then go do.
oh happy birthday lu khei!
that was yesterday... haha
i have the same phone as geraldine. HAHAH, omg she's damn retarded can!
i msged her today and she started crapping. HAHHA
YES. i better get cracking.
'where can you find mickey mouse and donald duck on your body?'

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