Thursday, June 4, 2009


dance camp rocks
ok let's swoop down to the night
we had farewell
time passes so damn fast
i can still remember what we did when we were sec 1, 2 and 3
i think our batch is the luckiest
we had the most opportunities to dance
i feel very blessed to be from this batch and i would not give this up for anything
i had one of the best times in dance
you cannot find the closeness you feel in dance elsewhere
it's just really different. crescent dance is one huge important building block in my life
lao shi have really taught me alot and something im sure i wouldnt have learnt if i wasnt in dance.
kim, winnie, me
xiu xiu! she's a VERY VERY nice person. WONDERFUL friend
me with the awesome chair and table [ vice-chair ]
and after a long speech from the beloved juniors and teachers and chair and table
we went to prepare for the night line!!
OMG, waited 4 years for it. so exciting
finally can be the ghost
i think we rock
this year's night line is damn scary i think
letty and me. we are the toilet ghost
the juniors are suppose to watch a video and me and letty will come out half way to grab them.
omg i wanted to laugh half way cuz they are damn funny
but it was FREAKING HOT
and we were wearing this costume which makes it so much more worse
i wanted to die in there
we really ping for the night line
hope the juniors had a good time
winnie: you look prettier like that {thanks man}
but i must agree, i was hot ghost. hahah
actually, i had alot of fun vandalizing my face
sleeping time

i slept at 3.30 becuz of the freaking weather
we werent allowed to switch the air con on
i couldnt sleep luh.
so i went to the floor to sleep
but it didnt work
so i went much further in front where there is a little wind
but it didnt work either
so i started playing my handphone games
oh, celeste couldnt sleep too
but omg half way
it was so cooling i fell alseep immediately
tham! breakfast
glenda and me after breakfast. i love dance
sleeping and waking up with them just warms my heart
trying to do the french braid. but i suck at it
more pictures of me looking hot~
i think this is the scariest
see! hot ghost! hahaha
we played some balloon game later
jumping about and bursting other ppl's leg balloon
ok anws, had dance at nan hua today
those gymnas ppl came, pro
and there was this pretty, tall girl that came to video.
had lunch at nan hua, i like their nugget
oh glenda's mama
glenda have a son at nan hua
omg so funny
glenda was msging him and i went to add 'your mama' after she typed 'hi im glenda.' HAHAA
ya her mum send to to dover mrt and i saw ye jing!
what coincidence
i felt so happy when i saw her
and i missed my stop while sleeping on the train back
and i have to start doing my hols hw now

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