Friday, May 1, 2009

X-MEN ORIGIN, made me forget to pee

see how awesome it is?
i know
some girls might think it's such a guy show
same sentiments but after watching it, like ironman
it was damn good
the graphics was perfect
it was damn exciting!!!!
i wanted to pee but like you dont wanna miss anything at all?
it was super good
so ya go watch. i heard star trek is nice too. yi shang love action movies.
but b4 that, had buffet lunch at some hotel i 4got but had this huge golden ball in front of it.
ate at this restaurant called BRIO'S.
woo! it was so good

oh my fav part

my cute rubber band. ok-_-
but most of the food there wasnt to my liking
it's like, i cant get use to the taste. maybe im not suitable for fine dining. O O
idk. 70% of the food tasted weird except those in the pictures or fruits, desserts, sushi and the soup.
handsome right
yum yum
at the wall outside the toilet that my dad keeps caressing and say it's damn smooth
after that then we walked to great world city to catch X-MEN
oh i saw nadine too=]
and sometimes my cousin can really get on my nerves
cuz at my mum's side
im the only girl
and like damn outcast. hate guys
being in SP and 18 doesnt mean he can bully me luh. stupid
i was giving him black face the whole day. never did that b4 actually.... felt good.
felt like a bitch.
what, he's the one who calls me an ass and wants to slap me
and i realize my brother is those type that would side his frens rather than his family
family being direct family
that cousin was pointing middle finger at me and my bro saw it and felt awkward for me too but he just do that 'haha' and innocent face and scared of shit.
i was damn pissed during lunch and b4 the movie.
shit day.
P.S: scroll up to the picture where i say yum yum. the last food picture. do you really think that's edible?? it's our creation.=] TEEHEE!

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