Sunday, May 17, 2009

i hate calling for delivery
dont you?
you have to listen to some stupid music and listen to muffled voices which sound unhappy because they have to take calls for the whole day
it's like
i cant even understand what they are saying, and i pretend i do.
and if anything goes wrong, IT'LL BE MY FAULT.
the phone is a scary thing i swear
i hate to order from home just because my brothers dont want to, especially my younger bro, always the one who escapes all this. don want to do this dont want to do that.
if he doesnt even dare to order cuz he's -ohsoshy- then i wonder what would happen to him in the future. TSKKK
YA, and my bro is always giving the excuse of, mummy is angry alr, JUST order..
and he'll get angry with me. LIKE THAT'S MY FAULT?!
i was minding my own freaking business in the study room and you come in to pass the anger from mummy to me. THANKS ALOT MAN.
thank goodness i found something called the blog.
if not i'll still be punching pillows and stepping on (ppl-who-make-me-angry)'s pillow
cuz feet = dirty
pillow = place you put your face at.
nah, im not that childish alr but if im really angry, i would destroy the place, trust me.
i did that once and my mum slap me.
of cuz she didnt slap my face, she hesistated for a moment and slapped my shoulder instead. it hurt still.
ok im going to watch monster inc and bathe, hopefully to get all that heat off my body.

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