Friday, May 8, 2009

UGLY PICTURES. ~ but nice backgrounds.

it's so weird cuz this place is the first thing i saw when i came to crescent.
going home today, i just saw it and had the urge to take a pic with it.
ignore my dumb expression. i've been recently obssesed to look ugly and retarded in photos.
and i ponned ballet. haha
cuz it's was hot.
and the heat made me tired [ lazy ] to go for ballet
so went to ssc with my family
you guys should go there some time. unless you live like the other end of singapore, it's fine.
they have this rooftop playground like vivo. just smaller. but still fun and no stupid security guard to chase us off.
my mum took this pic. oh gosh, she makes my legs look thin.
you spin my head right round right round

tsk, the sky is suppose to look nice but nvm
this was the last pic i took with my phone b4 it died on me
there are other clearer and nicer pictures taken with my mum's phone.
i'll get it sent over 2moro
oh and we ate at astron. or maybe it's aston. i 4got. i think it's the latter.
ya anws.
there's like 10 lads working there and 2 ladies. just a rough estimation only.
overview of that place:
- price of food: very reasonable, including the ambience and servive we get.
- variety: need more things such as desserts and baked rice!
- quality of food: 8/10
- quality of service: EXCELLENT!! the manager or owner of that restaurant, idk, is damn friendly and funny! he makes you feel at home, really=]]
oh anws
there was this guy clearing our table
and my mum was like 'can carry 5 plates?'
or something, i don quite remember cuz i was reading my book
then in the end he carried all the plates! he was trembling a little but goes to show how strong he is! i had a crush on him for that night. ONLY. he's quite cute
i wanna go back there to eat. =]]] * hint hint, not only becuz of the food.
because the atmosphere is good luh, what were you thinking
yup.... im all alone awake and my family is sleeping.
it's our motto, so pls dont learn from it.
our drugs = sweets.
i swear my class have sweet tooth
p.s: i dont want that day to come. always the spoiler and doing the opposites
p.p.s: my mum says im very talkative at home. but in class... you see there are more powerful souls[ mo ] around, so im usually quiet.

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