Wednesday, May 20, 2009


SHADES DAYonly lynette is the nerdy one. her shades is kanice specs-__-!!

FOR THE LOVE OF BITCHING. this grp of ppl + amanda are always bitching during english lessons. tsk tsk tsk
photo taking:
it's so unique this year! thank goodness we're still in crescent to have it.
the photographer this year is so much better! maybe because he is younger and cuter than last year's inflexible guy that insists on arranging us in height.
yup and they take small grp pictures. so cute!!!
and i decided to go collect the mp4 after class phototaking.
so i made my way down to chinatown.
i reached there around 4.20.
and i spent my whole time there looking for the place till 4.50 and i didnt find it
and i had to make my way BACK to school for dance photo taking
let me tell you
i asked 4 main ppl the directions.
in total i asked 6 but those 2 dont really matter
ya i ask the mrt officer
and he at first told me it's very far
in the end it's so near
so i went out of the mrt station
then i asked these two uncles where it is and they say walk straight to the end
so i did
then i turned right after walking str and ask another lady, cuz i couldnt find the street sign
then she told me ' this is new brigde road, south bridge road is there '
which is the place i walked FROM. and she sounded super confident.
so i just walked back there
and i asked another lady from a stall
and she said south bridge road is at the other end, here is new brigde road
WTH?! so annoying
i walked up and down like countless of times
i wanted to cry and scream and throw a tantrum cuz everyone was looking at me with those 'why-is-a-school-girl-doing-here' and as if i have some aura coming out of my body
but it's true, i frowned the whole way
it was just a bad moment for me
btu pei qi was msging me at that point too
and she was sending me some stupid msgs but at least it made me happier
ok so after dance photoshoot
which i think i'll look horrible cuz i changed into my dance tee in the foyer and i was in a total rush, i met my mum and went back to the place and manage to find it
ok ya that's the only happy thing.
and this is my burnt shorts. see that spot there
the back is worse, it's tearing!!

ok im gonna watch american idol!

p.s: i didnt read thru this post so any error, close one eye. =]

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