Saturday, May 16, 2009

im so weird in class
sharing my boobs story
i have no idea what i was doing.
my shoes was wet from the rain.
sexy eyes.
dian's sticker!

i never knew how messy my hair was. and sitting in front of amanda = good luck to my hair

they like taking secret photos of ppl.
i want 4'S!

-SHADES [ it's just an obsession ]


-SKIRT [ from cotton on ]

-SHIRT [ oversized shirt ]

haiz.... i want cash.

oh anws, do you guys watch fighting spiders?
there was this new character during the recent episode
her name is samantha. OMFG, SHE'S DAMN PRETTY.
her voice is so nice too. her real name is siona. =]
ok aside that. there was once i was going to sch
there was this guy, quite cute studying
then when he saw his bus, he went to the front of the bus stop to wait for it to stop
so while waiting he continued studying
then the bus arrived so i just look for my own bus
when i turn back
i saw the bus door close
and he was still standing outside looking into his book!
then he suddenly look up and the bus went.
ya and while going home yesterday i saw this grp of guys
not cute ones luh
i was listening to my music
so i couldnt really hear what they say
but they look like they are talking smart
but when i took out my earphones
wth, they were talking about sweating leaving behind a white stain on their shirt.
i mean, they look like they are 18.
so dumb.
ok my mum is complaining bout me not studying so i have to.

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