Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i have so many pictures to upload after the outing with joce that im too lazy to.

ok nvm, i'll be uploading it on fb then you go see=]
omg, britain's got talent is crazy. there are freaking much talents there!!!
go youtube and watch, just link here link there
and i have a new youtube crush! woo!
omg, just look at him, so freaking handsome can.
i love his teeth.

right? im in love with him. =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
oh this was when he was young, before his voice broke, so much better right!!
omg, his voice when he was young is just like an angel.

ok bye
oh wait wait
my eng oral was funneh
i used taufik batisah and stephanie sun as my exmaples.
HAHHA. i know, i think i crapped alot...
the teacher like kept smiling, and in the picture i said there are coconut trees at the background.
then he suddenly laugh and say "hah, really? how do you see it?"
then i describe the long bark behind but he didnt seem really convinced though..
anws, i think i did much better for eng than chi. haiz
oh we had dance photoshoot today.
so fun, been so long since i saw them
it's for ayg
and everyone dont know what ayg is
yes now you know
ok bye=]

enjoy declan! =DDDDD

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