Friday, May 22, 2009

their birthday were yesterday but i didnt blog.. so i'll wish them on my blog today.
omg, today is DAMN funny.

pei qi say i look like market auntie-_-
im giving the WTH face to mo. she's suppose to be blind, but i guess she wants to be a blind gay
while writing chi compo

we wanted to eat at seoul garden but since we have became adults
the price is damn ex.
so we decided to go heeren to eat sakae
cuz i ate there b4, so i thought it was still there
but when we went there, amanda went to ask some shop owners and they say it closed down 3 years ago...
so we ate at another restaurant which i dont know the name
the food is quite good.
ya the star of the day is lynette!
and photos!
she's always happy when it comes to food
looking at the photo cards.
looking at the menu
mrs chia was one of the highlights.
she said hello to us then ran away from us, HAHAHAH
then we chased after her, and got her to take a picture with lynette. haha
she's so cute. she told us she went to buy shoe. LOL
yi shang kept standing up throughout the meal. reason: VERY FULL. HAHAHAHHA
pei qi's so evil, she dont allow lynette to eat ice cream
my sexy hubby

lastly, more happy pictures from lynette! BOHO. AHAHHA
i took this while she was half-smiling!! HAHHAA. omg, so cute, like mushroom.
today had been one of the funniest day i had in my life creating those stupid photos.
i think this video is very sweeet.

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